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Payment and prices

An invoice is sent by e-mail to the person who has registered the student. For students under the age of 18, this must be the parent / guardian who has registered the student. Contact us if there is a need for deferred payment or partial payment.

Invoice fee:
The invoice fee is 40 NOK

Terms of purchase and Covid-19 information


1 class = 1450, -

2 classes = 2600, -  

3 classes = 3550, -  

4 classes = 4400, -

5 classes = 4850, -  

Unlimited dance pass= 5200, -  

Eldrebølgen 900, -

Baby dance 1 course 750, - (7 week course)

OFFER! Everyone who buys a course with us gets the Bølgen bag at 50% discount - 100 NOK 

Company: Free for members of Bølgen Dansestudio. Junior (minimum 2-3 courses a week) and Senior / Recruit (minimum 4+ courses a week)

What are you paying for?  

  • You are taught 14 weeks per semester. The classes have a content with development and personal progress.

  • We have trained dance educators with college or university level who give the students a professional dance training.

  • The studios have been refurbished and are adapted and suitable for dance classes.

  • In addition, we have coffee / tea in the waiting room for waiting parents, wireless internet (langbryggen & nr1 fitness), office hours, curriculum in the different dance styles, performance in Arendal Kulturhuswith high quality and an active dance environment with several annual workshops with both national and international dancers / educators and summer courses. The educators are also often on courses to maintain their competence and to get inspiration for themselves and the students.

  • We are a member of NODA Norwegian dance artists

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