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The company

We want to give our especially interested and talented dancers development opportunities through company training and performances. It is a hub between professional dancers, choreographers and amateurs, we work together and create a good and inspiring dance environment on Sørlandet.

We have a junior company for 9-12 year old dancers, a recruit company for 13-15 year old dancers and a senior company for 15 year old dancers and older. We bring in dance teachers and choreographers from all over the world. A dance audition is held in connection with the admission of students to the companies. Contact us for more information regarding registration and conditions for participation.

We want to perform at your events!

Do you want a show from our company?


Monkey boy show - Castelle 2018
Dance days KRS 2019
Choreography: Christina Markhus

"Bølgen" with Sofia Margrete at Arendalsuka Ung 2021
Choreography: Christina Markhus & Linda Thommesen




We dance on Agderposten's 17 May live broadcast at Arendal harbor


"På tå hev" the toes raised workshop by the Norwegian Opera and Ballet  



We launch our very own song "BØLGEN" with Sofia Margrethe  



The companies danced "Havfruen" in collaboration with Arendal By, sponsored by Sparebanken Sør and Ottersland Eiendom  


Children's Thursday "mermaid show" Arendal City  



We danced and performed with our own Bølgen song, Arendalsuka UNG  


Frost show for the cruise ship MS Amera from Germany with 800 guests and 400 crew.



Hip hop workshop with “Deep Down Dopeizm” from Oslo in line with Foxxfest (During the barnekunstfestivalen)  



Dance school on children's day at“Lundbergs”  Nursery


Break show during Øif Arendal - Fjellhammer handball match in Sør Amfi.



Wave Dance Crew selected dancers at DNB's #huninvesterer event at Tyholmen hotel  


We danced at TedXArendal  




Skilled Kristina Skjævestad and Ane Birgitte Tveite have been selected to dance the "På tå hev" project of the national ballet in Kilden KRS and Opera Oslo.  

#Huninvesterer show DnB  Tyholmen hotel Arendal 2021
Choreography Christina Markhus

Arendal Conference 2019
Choreography Christina Markhus & Linda Thommesen

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