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Dance birthday

Barn deltar på dansebursdag ved Bølgen Dansestudio

We arrange the birthday for you. It will include a dance class with an educator from Bølgen Dansestudio, the children will learn their own birthday dance. The celebration ends with a show for family and friends. There will be opportunities to set a long table for dining etc.

Contact  for more practical information and booking.

Stag party

Utdrikningslag ved Bølgen Dansestudio

The bride / groom with friends will have a dance class with one of the educators from Bølgen Dansestudio. You choose a theme / style such as: hip hop, disco, burlesque, back to the 80s / 90s. You can borrow props and various costumes.

We also have pole dancing which is perfect for this.

Contact  for more practical information and booking.

Wedding Dance / Bridal waltz

Lær brudevals eller en bryllupsdans ved Bølgen Dansestudio. Par som danser i bryllup.

Why not surprise friends and family with a choreographed wedding dance?

We can tailor your wedding dance to your wishes and needs. You can also easily take lessons with the classic bridal waltz to impress in-laws with your dancing skills.

Contact  for more practical information and booking

Dance birthday
Bachelorette Party Dance Class
Wedding Dance
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