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Kjøpsbetingelser og annen informasjon

Terms of purchase and other information


  • The semester has a duration of 14 weeks.

  • You must be over 18 years old to buy courses at Bølgen Dansestudio. Parents must buy courses for students under 18 years of age.

  • In the event of any changes to address, telephone or email, you are obliged to inform and update these changes.

  • We reserve the right to cancel courses with too few registered. Students will then be offered alternative courses or get a refund of the semester fee.

  • Registration is binding and valid for one semester. The first week of the semester is trial week. If you wish to change or not follow the course further, this must be notified before the second week of the semester. An administration fee of 150 NOK will follow upon refund.

  • Registration for the autumn semester will be continued until the spring if the class is not canceled.

  • Purchase of dance courses is personal and can not be transferred to others.

  • In the event of late registration or shorter absence due to illnessor any other reasons, no deduction is calculated in the semester fee.

  • Bølgen Dansestudio is not liable for the students' personal belongings, injuries in connection with training or performance.

  • Bølgen Dansestudio has the opportunity to use photos / recordings from performances etc in advertising and the press.

  • Students must have the educator's consent to use dance material from Bølgen Dansestudio.

  • Force Majeur: If Bølgen Dansestudio is hindered in its work due to circumstances we do not have control over, such as fire, war and natural disasters, Bølgen Dansestudio is exempt from liability.

  • We are closed on 1 May and any teaching on this day is canceled. 

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